Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Turning The World Upside Down Revisited

This visit took place on a changeable day and immediately after a short, sharp rain shower. The result of this as that the character of the pieces had changed. 

On this day, the least interesting of the group was, surprisingly, the large Sky Mirror. Although still impressive in itself, the even sky tone left it looking a bit flat.

In my last post I suggested that Non Object (Spire) was the least successful of the four pieces. I was wrong. Perhaps it’s just growing on me, but I now think that it actually sits very well in it’s surroundings and that it’s complex shape throws up some very interesting reflections. It even has the ability to reflect itself.

Along with all the other pieces, C-Curve was covered with an even coating of raindrops. This had the effect of softening the reflections. The wet concrete plinth also became a reflective surface, giving another aspect to the whole thing but the most interesting result of the wet surface was that, with a bit of a squint and a lot of imagination, the convex rear surface gave an almost pointillist view of the world. Seurat would (possibly) have loved it!

C-Curve continues to be the most entertaining. We never seem to tire of seeing ourselves in a mirror, and if that mirror gives an unreal view, then so much the better. There is much fun to be had here!

Lastly there is Sky Mirror, Red. By the time we reached the Round Pond the sky had changed to a cloudless blue. This resulted in the mirror turning from a searing red to a far more subtle purple. I’m not sure why this surprised me………….but it did. It wasn’t an unpleasant surprise!

This exhibition definitely rewards multiple visits.
An Afterthought Revisited

In my original post, I complained about the Hi Viz jackets that had been issued to the security guys. I’m very pleased to say that my advice has been heeded and that they are now wearing, far more acceptable, black jackets. OK, it may not have been my advice that they were taking but who cares, the end result is a definite improvement.

After the Afterthought Revisited

The maintenance vehicles were also out of sight. Again, I suspect that this had nothing to do with my earlier comments but they were worth making anyway!


  1. Your photo of the upside down/rightside up kid is great! I enjoyed reading your "reflections" on the changeability of these pieces, and I'm envious that you can go back to see them many times, in all kinds of light and weather.

  2. Thanks M.J. The kid was just a stroke of luck but it would have been rude not to take advantage of the photo op!

    I will be keeping an eye on things over the next couple of months.