Monday, 30 August 2010

Monday Morning At Carnival

It's a little after 11.00 on Bank Holiday Monday and I can hear the first of the Mas Bands approaching, the static sound systems haven't started up yet but that's not far away, from then on it's visceral sound and colour for the rest of the day.

Sunday, as usual was a slightly lower key affair. Traditionally known as Childrens Day, it has smaller crowds and less restrictions on pedestrian movement and is a good day for the smaller masqueraders to strut their stuff on the streets. The weather was a bit changeable and we had some rain but it didn't seem to dampen anyones spirits.

It is no less noisy and colourful than the Monday event and if, in the future, you are thinking of coming to Carnival for the first time, consider coming on Sunday.........especially if you have young kids or are worried about the crowds.

I was out earlier today and preparations were already under way. Ice was being delivered, food was being cooked. Bars, barriers and sound systems were being set up. The weather looks as if it's going to play the game. It should be a good day.


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