Saturday, 28 August 2010

Carnival - A Jurassic Park Moment

I like Carnival.............but sometimes when you are indoors and the whole place is vibrating, it is nice to fight your way out through the crowds and find somewhere quiet to sit and think.

This is not a complaint, I have lived just inside the Carnival route for over 25 years (I was born and grew up just outside of it's western fringes). It was here before me and hopefully will still be here after I have passed on, but I can understand why so many long term residents don't like it. If you are an outsider you can chose to come. If you live here, it comes to you whether you like it or not.

For many older or less able residents the weekend becomes something of a siege. If they are inside they can't get out and if the  are outside they can't get back in!  It is a difficult time for them.

What does p... me off  though is someone who has recently moved into the area, knowing this is an annual event, but still complains about how inconvenient it all is. I do understand, of course how frustrating it must be not being able to get the massively oversized 4x4 up to the house so that the nanny can load Tarquin and Penelope in and take them out of your life for a couple of hours, but that is a fact of Notting Hill life!

These people remind me of the types who buy a house under the flightpath to Heathrow and then complain about the aircraft disturbing their peace and quiet.

The video was shot, in my flat, during last years event and was an attempt to show just how visceral the whole thing is. You really don't just see and here Carnival, you feel it too! If the video won't play, try viewing it here -

Anyway, as usual, I will spend some time out in the crowds, some time indoors trying to stop the books falling off my shelves and some time somewhere a little more peaceful.

If you come along, have a good time. If you don't, then at least think of coming next year. You should experience it at least once in your life.

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