Saturday, 25 August 2012

It's That Time Again.

Carnival kicks off tomorrow and the preparations are well under way. Many businesses seem to have given up on Saturday trading altogether and are already boarded up for the duration..

I'm not sure why Barclays Bank on Ladbroke Grove found it necessary to close for the day, not even the ATM's were accessible. The boarding up could easily have been carried out at close of business but I suppose that an extended Bank Holiday weekend seemed more attractive than providing a service to their customers........

........and you were also out of luck if you wanted to return your library book, but hey, you can always dispute the fine for being overdue!

Finally, let's hope the weather improves for Sunday and Monday. We really don't want anymore skies like this. We've been fairly lucky for the last few years, but the best you could say about today's weather was that it was unsettled. We've had the odd spot of sun, occasional blue skies and an unreasonable amount of rain, thunder and lightning.

Whatever the weather have a happy and peaceful Carnival.

More pictures here.

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