Saturday, 11 September 2010

St Katherine's Dock

Today I am at St Katherines Dock For the Thames Revival. This is a jolly affair, part of the two day Thames Festival. The dock is full of classic  sailing boats and cruisers and there are lots of people about dressed in period costumes getting fully into the spirit of the thing, but this is not what I'm writing about today.

The thing is, I thought I was at St Katherine's Dock, but as a friend pointed out this morning, it's not St Katherine's Dock at all. In actual fact these are the St Katharine Docks. A small point perhaps but one that goes to show that I'm not anywhere near as knowledgeable as I  thought  I was. To be fair, my friend, who is probably the most observant person I know, only uncovered this piece of information recently. So I don't feel that bad about it

I was born and have lived in London all my life and I'm still only scratching the surface of this incredible city. As I've got older every trip out has become an adventure. There is always something new (or better still, old) to see and so much to find out

Everything  to learn and so little time to learn it in.................but it is exciting....................isn't it?


  1. Not to make you feel worse or anything, but it's actually St Katharine (with an "a" in the middle) Docks. But I can't tell you how many times I see Dock instead of Docks and Katherine instead of Katharine in books about London, so clearly the copyeditors don't know either.

  2. You are absolutely correct...........and I was sitting right by the sign when I wrote it. There may be no hope for me at all LOL.

    I have altered the text and am very happy to credit you for the infomation. I'm depending on you to keep me out of trouble in the future. M

  3. I had to check and recheck to make sure that I had it right when I tagged my photos. But now, no one who searches for "St Katherine's Dock" will ever find my pix. Oh, well. We must suffer for our pedantry.

  4. 'the most observant person I know'... how ironic Malcolm, cos in my world, that's you!
    And yes, I going to have to amend all my tags too... will add them as options I think for the reasons above. (God, we're anal pendants, aren't we?!)

  5. Sometimes, this photography lark is really hard work :-)